We are All Equivalent. We are Your Friends. We Treatment for You.

We are All Equal. We are Your Friends. We Care for You.

We only treatment for peoples wellness and prosperity.
We never mind about using Nations National wealth and producing cheap labour.
Funds is not an difficulty.
Gasoline, gold, petroleum, uranium, plutonium and many others. are mysterious phrases to us.
The centre of our problem is the Human Getting.
People today of Europe and of the relaxation of the Entire world, hear:
Preserve knowledgeable only from your Country’s official Networks and Reps. Hear only to what your Governments are telling you.
You should not be victims of the Website and the conspiracy theories that these media are now presenting in a way, like they are coming genuine.
You should not imagine for your selves. You should not decide for your selves.
We do that for you in the greatest attainable way.
Preserve taking part to the Political Events, that safely led you till now.
Preserve believing and praying to your Gods. Religion is superior. Religion unifies.
You should not fear about the long term.
We have taken treatment of it.
You should not imagine that what is now heading on in Greece, has anything at all to do with other countries that will stick to.
You should not imagine of it as a strategy at all.
You should not imagine of Ranking Companies, as puppets and co-gamers, guided from Affordable Trusts.
You should not imagine their Evaluations have anything at all to do with what long term will deliver.
You should not imagine of Stock Markets, as Casinos.No way.
Finally, our beloved fellow citizens of the Entire world, never believe that that we interfere in any way, with your neighborhood Governments, as some extremely minimal educated and misled people, are boasting.

*** The IMF and EU logos, are trademarked, by their Respective Entrepreneurs and the genius brains that founded them.

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