What to Know about Fiber-optic Bandwidth for Events from Trade Show Internet


Trade Show Internet is now offering fiber-optic internet for all your event needs. Fiber optics is a new technology that offers one of the highest internet speeds for events and other needs. If you need something much faster than the usual temporary 4g internet, then fiber optics is your alternative. We already have fiber-optic circuits installed in many venues in the United States. As such, all we need to do is switch them on when you require the service. With just a few days’ notice, we shall offer you fiber internet and this will be at a fraction of the usual charges by the other providers.

To take up our fiber internet for events, or to request a quote on the other services that we offer, all you need to do is visit https://tradeshowinternet.com/resources/bandwidth-calculator website. There are a number of benefits that come with fiber optic internet. With Trade Show Internet, you are assured of high speeds from 100×100 Mbps to 10×10 Gbps. This means that your event attendees can do virtually anything they want with the high speeds of the internet provided.

You will also be happy to note that we offer you a friendly short-term pricing for your event.  We will not charge you any installation fees and we guarantee you a high level of service. Whether you require a wifi splash page for your attendees or any other service, you can be assured of attendee productivity during your events.

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